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We will list your car, assist the buyer with a finance program they can afford, and get you the best deal possible.  Don't worry with people coming and calling you to come by and see your car...  Let FBAC handle the hassle of selling your automobile, bike, boat,etc.
Looking to Buy?

FBAC is here for you.  We are adding units hourly to our inventory with all types of cars, trucks, bikes and boats.  The Daily specials that will blow your mind.

FBAC is joining with any and all Dealers in every state to bring together buyers with the desire to sell autos and make deals happen.


How it works!!!

Join for Free... (1) You and your friends can get paid to be (Spotters). FBAC will pay you when you sent in a picture of a vehicle you see anywhere* when we get the owner to list the vehicle in our inventory or we make the sell. All you have to do is sent the picture and the contact number into our headquarters..we do the rest.

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  • Get Paid when your friends locate and or purchase a car via FBAC.
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This is a wonderful opportunity to make some money from home on what people are doing anyway.....buying and selling automobiles!!!

All you are doing is aligning yourself up to be in position to benefit from a program that will assist anyone in finding and financing the same vehicle they are looking for anyway.

FriendsBuy Auto Club is going to revolutionize the car buying industry.

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Every car or truck you see on the side of the road with a for sale sign in the window can be money in your pocket. 

Not only will these vehicles will be at your disposal....All the cars in all the lots in all the cities...Nationwide.   We are taking this opportunity NATIONWIDE .   

Don't miss the BOAT !!!  No punt intended...We  list boats also.  RV's, Bikes, Farm equipment,....you name it. We will list it and sell it.... AND SOMEONE will GET PAID!!!

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